Molested by Fame


Molested By Fame is about visually exploring the themes of privacy and obsession. In our media-driven world we are constantly on display, whether we like it or not. Not only are we monitored publicly, but we film, photograph, text, tweet and post constantly. Image has become everything, gossip is everywhere. Our clothes are comfortable, stylish and classic. We like classic American sportswear, because you can mix classics with anything. We just happen to like ours with a bit of an edge and sense of humor. We like things that will last over time and can be worn season after season regardless of the current trend. And we firmly believe that the person who wears our pieces should always be the star.

I developed this e-commerce site using Shopify. The most challenging aspect of building this site is the image gallery, which required utilizing a jQuery library to scroll the page horizontally when the mouse is hovered over the edges of the page.

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